And the Fences Go Up

Tips For Construction Site Temporary Fence Rental

When you need to secure a construction site, temporary fencing is often the way to go. Renting temporary fencing allows your company to secure your job site while at the same time not expend the cost of buying fencing and then storing it when your project is completed.

If you're renting fencing for a new construction site and have never done so in the past, then these tips will help you be successful:

Tip: Understand the Temporary Fence Needs Flat, Unobstructed Ground for Installation

A successful installation of temporary fencing requires a flat surface free of bumps, potholes, hills, and other obstructions that could impact how the fencing contacts the ground. 

When planning for your temporary fencing, inspect the installation area and determine if any of these things are present. If they are, then they either need to be rectified before the fence arrives, or the fencing will need to be located in a different area.

Tip: Rent Fencing Designed for Privacy and Security for Construction Sites

While renting a simple crowd control barrier is fine for an event or a special occasion, securing a construction site requires a different level of rented fence. The fencing you rent for your construction site needs to provide a substantial level of security to protect your expensive equipment and building materials from onlookers.

For this reason, your construction fence should be secure to the ground and hard to breach. In addition, it's a great idea to have an optional windscreen installed on the fence so the people who pass by your construction site don't have a view into what sitting there when you're not working at the site. 

Simply installing windscreen on temporary construction fencing goes a long way towards preventing theft and other crimes after hours when the job site is left unattended.

Tip: Allow Plenty of Room for the Fencing Contractors to Unload and Install the Temporary Fencing

Finally, on the day the rented temporary fencing is scheduled to be installed, you must set up an area where the fencing contractor can park their truck and unload the fencing panels. 

You can expect the fence panels will arrive on a large flatbed truck, and there will be multiple workers to set up the fence. Fencing panels are bulky and heavy, so it's imperative the installers have plenty of room to unload their truck and set up the new fencing on your job site.

The night before the temporary fence arrives on-site, take a moment to ensure that all of the areas where the fence will be installed are cleared of any equipment or other obstructions and that the fencing contractors have plenty of room to work.

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