And the Fences Go Up

Choose The Perfect Fence For A Yard With A Dog

As a dog owner, either of a puppy or a senior, it's vital to make changes at home to accommodate them. If your yard doesn't have any fencing right now, it makes sense to have concerns about protecting your dog while they play outside. 

Before you choose fencing for your yard, there are several features you'll need to prioritize to ensure that it's an excellent match for the space and will provide the safety that's vital for your dog. 

Consider the Height

If you're beginning to shop for fencing with only your dog in mind, you need to ensure that it won't be easy to scale. Instead of making the mistake of choosing fencing your dog will simply hop over, you'll need to opt for something taller that will be a safe choice for your yard. 

As you look into different heights for fencing, from four feet to well over six, you need to check if there are any rules to follow in your neighborhood. Homeowner associations often have regulations over fencing heights or you may want to match the fence to some of your neighbor's homes. 

Add Safety Features

Along with the height of the fencing, you need to check if there are additional security features you can implement. Rollers on the top of the fence make it impossible for your dog to get a grip on the top of the fencing. This can be so useful for preventing your dog from scaling the fence.

Another safety feature to consider is a gate that can be securely locked from inside. This extra effort will ensure that your yard is secured and that you won't run into issues protecting your dog from escaping. 

Prioritize Solid Fencing 

Before you choose fencing based only on appearance, you need to consider how solid fencing can play a part in keeping the yard secure. Fencing with gaps between the slats can make it easier for your dog to scale it. Another concern is that your dog can see outside, which can result in them barking at anyone outside.

By sticking with solid fencing that has the safety features you need, you'll be able to enjoy new fencing and won't worry about your dog. Being selective with the fence you want can lead to feeling a lot more comfortable with your investment and you won't end up with fencing that is a bad fit for your dog. For more information, contact a fencing company in your area.