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Automatic Gates For Residential Property

Exiting your vehicle to approach your residential gate on a day that is cold, rainy, and windy may not be the most convenient way for you to access your property. If you are going to upgrade an existing gate or have a new fence and gate installed, consider the use of an automatic gate.

Gate Styles

Automatic gate styles include models that swing open and models that contain one or more panels that slide open. An existing gate that needs to be opened manually can be upgraded to operate with the use of a transmitter and a receiver. A transmitter device that is installed in a vehicle will emit a signal that will cause a receiver to engage the motor that is attached to a gate.

Two other types of automatic gate accessories are an optical sensor and a motion detector. Each of these accessories can be installed on a gate. Each one will recognize when a vehicle approaches. The sensor or detector will transmit a signal that will trigger the gate's motor to open the gate. Your contractor will need to ensure that the original gate is damage-free, prior to installing gate accessories.

A New Enclosure And Gate System

If you are having a new fence added to your property, your contractor will oversee the installation of the fencing panels and the gate materials. Request that a fully automatic gate be installed. This type of gate will include the motor and other accessories necessary to operate the gate.

Decide if you are going to limit who will have access to the new gate. If you are only going to be allowing yourself and your family members entry to your property, you will need a portable transmitter device for each vehicle that you and your family will be driving. If you would like to allow delivery people and other visitors access to your property, choose a gate model that contains an optical sensor or a motion detector.

If you purchase a gate model that will restrict entry to anyone other than you and your family members, ask your contractor about gate accessories that will allow remote access. With this type of feature, you will be able to use an intercom system to speak to people who approach the gate. An application that is operated remotely will allow you to open, close, and lock the gate whenever you would like. 

There are many benefits of having an automatic gate on your property. If you are looking to upgrade, contact a fencing company near you.