And the Fences Go Up

Different Chain-Link Fencing Options

If you are tossing around the idea of going with a chain-link fence for your yard, learning about the options that come with chain link can help make your final decision easier. Here is more on this: 

Chain Link Can Be Temporary or Permanent

Chain link is a permanent fence solution that can last for decades. However, it is also commonly used as temporary fencing. So, if you are looking for a permanent fence and you have some work being done to your home or yard you need to protect as well, then both can be put up, and the temporary fence can be easily removed as soon as the work is completed. 

Chain Link Can Come in Different-Sized Mesh Openings

When choosing your fence, keep in mind you can choose between different size mesh openings. The mesh can offer a tight mesh that measures just shy of an inch up to a large mesh that measures just over two inches. In most cases, the chain-link fencing for a home's property will include one of the larger measurements of mesh. The smaller mesh can be used for things like containing guinea pigs or other small animals or preventing them from getting into certain areas like gardens and flower beds.

Chain Link Fencing Can Come With Different-Colored Vinyl Coatings 

Chain link can be coated with colored vinyl. The colors you will have to choose from include black, white, green, and brown. The colored chain-link fencing can help to give your yard just the look you envisioned for it. However, the colored vinyl coating does more than add to the look of the fence; it also adds a layer of protection that protects the fencing from things like scratches and rust. 

Chain Link Fencing Comes in Many Heights

Having the ability to choose a fence of many heights allows you to have the fence installed knowing it will properly serve the purpose in which it was intended. However, you will be limited to just how high you can go by the city regulations. You can have a shorter fence installed in areas of your yard where you don't need a standard-height fence. Then, you can have the taller fence installed around the yard to serve as a security and/or containment fence. 


Chain-link fencing can serve many purposes at once. It is a strong fence that's hard to damage. However, should the fence be damaged, it can be easily fixed, so it will be as good as new.