And the Fences Go Up

5 Wood Fence Styles to Know

Wood fencing is a natural and attractive choice for any home. Not only do you have a choice of wood and finishes, but you also get to decide the style of the fence. The versatility of wood means that there are many styles to choose from. 

1. Standard Pickets

A standard picket fence consists of posts, two horizontal rails connecting the posts at the top and bottom, and then vertical pickets attached to the rails. The pickets can be placed tightly together for a solid fence or spaced to allow gaps between the boards. An offset picket fence has gapped pickets on both sides of the rails, but the gaps are offset so one can't see through the fence but air can circulate through. 

2. Wood Lattice

A wood lattice fence consists of support posts and a wooden lattice screen. Thin lattice boards are connected at opposing diagonals to create a diamond grid design. The lattice is then stretched between the posts. Lattice fencing allows visibility and airflow, while still providing a barrier to traffic or containment for children and pets. Vining plants can be trained to grow up the lattice to create a living screen.

3. Panel Fencing

Wood panel fencing has posts but no rails. Instead, wooden panels are installed between every two posts. These panels can consist of wood planks attached to a frame, or they can be solid wood panels made of OSB or similar plywood-type panels. Composite panels are also popular. These are made of a combination of resins and wood fibers. The result doesn't require painting or the other types of maintenance common to traditional wood fencing. 

4. Post and Rail

Post and rail fences have a rustic appeal. They don't work well to keep pets and children contained, but they do create an attractive visual barrier and work well for blocking all kinds of traffic from cutting across lawns. These fences consist of wooden posts connected by two to three rails. There are no pickets or panels placed over the rails.

5. Wooden Frame

Wood frame fences consist of wood posts with a wooden panel frame placed between each set of two posts. An alternative fencing material is installed within the frame, usually chainlink or wire mesh. It's an attractive option if you want the functionality of chain or wire but you prefer the attractive look of wood. 

Contact a residential wood fencing company to learn more about the fencing styles that will best suit your needs.