And the Fences Go Up

Three Ways To Get More From Your Chain-Link Fence

There are things chain-link fencing offers you automatically. However, what makes these fences even better is that you can add certain products to them to enhance their purposes. In this guide are three great things you can get for your chain-link fence to enhance its looks and purposes.

Coyote rollers 

If you live in an area where you have to worry about coyotes getting in your yard where they can be a danger to your family and pets, then there is a product you can attach to the top of the fence. You can have coyote rollers installed, and they can serve even more purposes than protecting everyone from coyotes. These rollers make it so animals can't grab onto the top of the fence to get over it. Along with preventing coyotes from getting in your yard they also keep dogs, cats (feral or wild), and people from climbing over your fence. They can also keep your pets from escaping out of your yard.

Wood panels 

You can get wood panels that attach to your chain-link fence. You can keep these panels in place temporarily or you can use them permanently while always having the option of going back to the chain-link fencing if and when you choose. Wood panels provide you with a privacy fence, giving the look of a wood fence without the cost or the permanency. These panels can also stop the wind from blowing in the yard while you trying to enjoy the outdoors. Along with the wind disturbance, wood panels can reduce the noise in your yard from the highway or loud neighbors.

Silver fence filler 

You can also install silver fence filler for your chain-link fence, such as a Pexco brand silver fence weave. This filler is both easy to install and remove whenever you want. It can give the chain-link fence a silver filler that matches the color of most chain-link fences. There are also other colors you can choose from, but the silver option is a popular one with many people. This filler can add temporary or long-term privacy to your chain-link fence in a very budget-friendly way. Like the wood panels, the silver filler can cut down on the wind coming into your yard. This filler can be applied to a small portion of the fence to the entire fence to create some shade around the border of your yard for your bordering plants and flowers.